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Access Recycling Barmedman

ACCESS Recycling is a leading metal recycling service provider to heavy industry, mining, rail services and consumers throughout Australia. Our mission is 'To create recycling solutions by solving complex metal salvage challenges'. With a strong management team and dedicated staff sharing several decades of experience, in all facets of recycling (metal and non-metal), we have developed into a fully integrated recycling services provider.

Our metal salvage yards & scrap metal depots are in 2 locations in Australia:

  • Barmedman (NSW)
  • Fyshwick, Canberra (ACT)

Access Recycling Adelaide

Our true specialty is to take resource recovery problems and create suitable and sustainable recycling solutions which can include developing the concept, manufacturing the equipment, providing all the heavy lifting and transport as well as marketing the recovered resources. Our team has a collaborative focus on work place safety and the environment, with the health and safety of our suppliers, customers and the community being an important part of our culture. Our network of fixed sites/ yards caters for industry and consumers, providing professional and ethical service and competitive prices for all recyclable waste metals.

The continued investment in processing equipment and technology, combined with our solid reputation for providing quality service and products has enabled continued growth and direct access to steel mills throughout Asia.  ACCESS Recycling processes in excess of 100,000 tonnes of scrap metal and 20,000 tonnes of concrete and timber products each year.

Our Team

Adam Perry - Managing Director

Vickal Prasad - Commercial Manager

Cathy Fitzgerald - Administration Manager

Norm Waterson - Rail Services Manager

Mark Smith - Branch Manager ACT

Heather Tonkovic - Marketing and Communications Manager

Anthony Opbroek - Yard Supervisor Canberra

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