Access North Shore Now Exporting to the World

The Access Recycling site in North Sydney now has the capability to ‘live load’ export shipping containers with baled scrap metal. In November 2013 a large metal baling press, with a metal compression force of 315 tonnes, was installed at the site. Most of the metal purchased at the site can now be pressed into very high density bales.

Access Recycling now exports these bales to smelting mills throughout Asia. The baler sits on the main trading floor of the North Shore Metal Recyclers building and the bales it produces are ejected into the basement. A complex excavation project and installation of a weighbridge, allows container carrying semi-trailers to enter the building’s basement and park against a loading dock. While the truck sits on the weighbridge the container is loaded with the high density bales.

The result for our valued suppliers is that site is now more efficient with less unprocessed metal stored on the main floor. This will significantly increase unloading times and ease congestion in busy periods.

The main priority at this site is to provide the fastest and most convenient unloading option for our customers.