Access Recycling Awarded Major Project

In October 2014 Access Recycling entered a service agreement with Asciano Services Limited to scrap 90 locomotives and 1,213 railway wagons over a 9 month period. The total volume of metal to be recycled exceeds 42,000 tonnes and represents the single largest metal recycling project currently underway in Australia. The locomotives and rolling stock are located across 40 sites in 3 states.

The logistics of moving mobile shearing plants shipping containers and other equipment from site to site is very challenging, however, Access Recycling has scrapped in excess of 100 locomotives and 3,000 railway wagons around Australia over the past 15 years. This experience and our strong focus on work place safety and environmental management are paramount to our ongoing success when tendering on such large and complex metal recycling projects. The wagons and locomotives will be cut into small pieces less than 1 metre square and loaded into shipping containers using mobile container inverting equipment.

The processed metals will then be exported to Access Recycling’s steel mill customers in Taiwan and Vietnam as premium grade (plate and structural) melting steel. Our large mobile and static shears will process a minimum of 10 wagons per day.