Canberra Land Aquisition Expands Rail Services

In December 2015 Access Recycling purchased the disused railway fuel terminal adjacent to its metal recycling facility in Fyshwick. Every week more than 1,000 tonnes of containerised scrap metal is freighted by the Access Recycling train service from Canberra to Port Botany for export to our South East Asian customers. Under present arrangements, the 50+ shipping containers it takes to move this volume of metal need to be trucked by road, 5 kilometres each way to the Kingston rail terminal.

A growing number of 3rd party shipping containers are being carried on the Access Recycling train for other Canberra importers and exporters, most of which are also Fyshwick based businesses. In order to make rail operations more efficient and to reduce handling costs, Access Recycling plans to redevelop the former fuel terminal into an intermodal container park.

Recent sharp declines in iron ore and scrap metal prices have taken a heavy toll on some sections of the metal recycling industry. Having an efficient rail transport solution has been key to Access Recycling’s success with Canberra as a regional recycling hub. In contrast to market conditions, Access Recycling’s volumes in Canberra have increased significantly as road transport reliant recyclers retreat from the market.