Scrap Metal

Scrap Metal

Scrap Collections

For over 25 years, Access Metal Recycling has procured and processed ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal sourced through a network of suppliers including merchants, auto dismantlers, manufacturers, demolition contractors and the general public.

Our fleet of heavy vehicles and mobile equipment provide a range of collection services to our suppliers and offer servicing options to best suit their requirements. For those clients that would rather deliver to us, our yards have calibrated weighbridges and scales to ensure accurate recording and grading of material.

With competent staff, industry leading customer service and conveniently located processing yards, our team stands ready to service our clients 5 1⁄2 days per week.

Items accepted by our yards and collections services include:


  • General steel
  • Motor vehicles
  • Plant, equipment and machinery
  • White goods
  • Storage drums
  • Metal roofing
  • Metal punching’s & offcuts
  • Steel wheels
  • Railway line
  • Pipe
  • Reinforcing bar


  • Copper
  • Aluminium
  • Aluminium Wheels
  • Brass
  • Cabling
  • Lead
  • Motors and gearboxes
  • Compressors
  • Batteries
  • Radiators
  • Stainless Steel


7:00am – 4:00pm – Monday to Friday
7:30am – 11:30am Saturday (Fyshwick and Orange Yards only)
No appointment required, just come on in any time during our opening hours

Yes – for loads of 10 tonnes or more. Farm and commercial collections are individually quoted by our trading representatives, and the price quoted will be inclusive of our collection and transport costs.
If you have smaller household loads, our lovely office staff would be pleased to recommend either of the following.
Investigate through our staff if a scrap metal bin would suit your needs. Go to the services page for more detail.
Provide details of local scrap collectors to you. Collections and scrap payments to be negotiated separately between the supplier and the customer.
We do acceptWe do not accept
Steel – including farm scrap and Reo of all sizes is paid scrap. Wire is accepted for recycling but not paid for.Gas bottles, fire extinguishers or any other pressurised containers

Whitegoods (fridges, washing machines), hot water systems, caravans, boats, buses

Metal with non-metal components

Car bodies and shellsAny product contaminated by radiation, or asbestos
Rail lines and polesPaper, cardboard, concrete
Catalytic converters 
Aluminium, including wheels 
Gun Solids 
Copper tube, and wire, including insulated and armoured 
Compressors, motors and transformers 
Used Batteries 
Stainless steel 
Litho plate, Manganese 
As the prices paid for scrap fluctuate with market conditions, we do not provide price lists however our office staff are always happy to provide the current price by simply calling our office.
If you wish to be paid for your scrap, the cost of transporting the bin will be deducted from your scrap payment. If you do not wish to be paid for the scrap, the bin is transported and provided for a limited time.
Bin sizes range from 12m3 down to 1m3 – our trading reps would be please to discuss your requirements with you.
We have Yards in Barmedman and Fyshwick which are open to the public. Barmedman and Orange yards can only pay for scrap by direct deposit to your account. Fyshwick can pay cash for scrap at the time of delivery. Our collection units service the area highlighted on the map below.

For more information please contact us